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This was early 2014 when Sonali got mesmerised by seeing one of Sudhanshu’s series at a Photo Gallery in Jaipur where they had both exhibited their work. It was through this exhibition that they became friends in the most unexpected way. Fast forward 7 years, here they are living a Goan Life since 2018.

The connecting link to their bond has been living free yet thoughtfully. 



Sudhanshu is the adventurous one, one thing you should definitely know that he did his first ever Solo Bike-packing Tour in India in the year 2016, pedalling 3000KM down south from Jaipur to Kanyakumari and since then he has been bicycle touring, seeing the world he once dreamt of exploring. He is also a Mountaineer and soon to hit the advance course to brush up the skills.

All the sport comes from being a goalkeeper most of his teen life playing for Jaipur. While he isn’t away on a bicycle tour, he is a full-time Professional Photographer shooting Weddings, Outdoor Adventures, Couples and a lot more that he often doesn’t give himself enough credit for. 

Sonali is the oar to the boat, she is the creative one, has an eye for details, art and creation. She is exceptionally multitalented. She is a designer, stylist, jeweller, has a great eye for photography, an amazing chef who also loves to bake too and is working on her dream online store called ‘Saraswateh’ on the side lines.

Sonali took a big leap from being into Fashion a top polluting industry realising it wasn’t serving her purpose of a conscious life. Sonali impresses with her occasional plant based and gluten-free food popups that she is extremely passionate about. She is the silent observer, quietly absorbing the sunset as she brews the her secret handmade blend of tea, values the little joys of life!


You all now know her as the heart and sole behind our beautifully, meticulously handcrafted OSL gear!

Our one-woman show runner and passionate maker!

Our Slug Life was initially co-founded by both of them as a platform to share their travel experiences with a vision to expand into a project they would work on in future together as a team. Years down the lane they now have a custom bag making business under the same umbrella where in there is an in-house production of bags for bike-packing made-to-order. Each bag is meticulously designed by them both and hand-made by Sonali herself. Which also makes them India's first custom bag makers.


To get one for yourself or your bike and your loved ones, check out or shop

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