Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here's a bunch of questions we felt could be on your mind while you're here with us, we hope hope you find answers right here. 
Incase there's anything more you would like to know, write to us at

Why Pre-order?

We are a Small Business handling everything from production to packaging single handedly. Part of our product line like OSL Bikepacking Bags is also custom-made. Which means we make each product by hand in our Production Window after you've successfully placed your pre-order. I simple words, your OSL Bag is going to be right off the press and meticulously handmade when you receive it.

When will I receive my product(s)?

If you have placed you pre-order in the current Pre-order Window i.e from January 15-30 '21, Your product(s) would be out for delivery by February 22 '21.
Our Production Window of 3 to 4 weeks is when each of your product is made by hand. Thank you for your patience and pre-ordering with our small business.

Can my shipping be escalated?

Yes, Once the products are made, incase you would like to receive our preorder faster than a regular delivery, simply write to us at and we'll see what best we can offer.

Do you have a stock of products ready to ship out as I place an order?
No, Currently we are exclusively working on a Pre-order Basis. We collect pre-orders until the Pre-order Window is open and make each of your pre-ordered product(s) by hand in the period of 3 to 4 weeks Production Window. So while we ship, your bags are each out of the press and newly made.

Although we are soon going to be adding more designs that would be available in stock and ready to order and ship out to reach you faster. 

Is Shipping cost additional?

All our orders are free of Shipping cost. However, if you would like to escalate your shipping there may be an additional cost involved. Write to us at and we would be more than happy to help you.

Can I get a custom product made?

Yes, While we have a range of our set designs, we are also welcoming custom orders for your Bikepacking setup, get in touch with Sudhanshu on call @8107627615 and we'll whip your bag with everything you want. 

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