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We are thrilled to showcase our first ever “OSL Collectible” which is the OSL Unicorn Tall Boy (soon going to be launched in our shop in regular colors). Why is this stembag a collectible? Well because it is "one of its kind" and never going to be on our inventory. We thought there wasn’t a better way than giving it away to our cyclist community!

So we decided to host a Pride Month Giveaway where we offer one lucky person a chance to win the OSL Tall Boy.

Enter the Inclusivity Giveaway by checking off each of the following list of steps.

How to enter ?

  1. FOLLOW Our Slug Life on Instagram

  2. REGISTER for the giveaway through the form below.

  3. TAG your cyclist friends in comments on the giveaway post on Instagram to increase your chances of winning. (each comment counts as an entry)

Who can enter the Inclusivity Giveaway?

  1. You got to be a cyclist of any genre 

  2. You got to be residing in India

Deadline for entry June 18’21, 11:59PM

The winner shall be announced on June 20’21, 5:00PM

Register for the Inclusivity Giveaway

Thanks for submitting! We know you're feeling lucky.

Registrations for the Inclusivity Giveaway are now closed. Winners shall be announced on our Instagram handle on June 20'21, 5:00PM.

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