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A solo cycling tour across 6 states in India

"It is difficult to set yourself apart from “attachments" when you're born in this society which wants their child to settle at every step in life to march into a secure future which is nothing but in simple words an “illusion". For me, settling is not an option and attachments are barriers no more. If not my body, my soul is always travelling, I feel. I'd say I lack words to explain this. Flying back to day 2 of my journey, I remember my dad came to stop me but I told him not to be a distraction. May be, they understood and did their part helping me complete my tour. I didn't go against anything or anyone, I wasn't alone, even though I was away, my parents and loved ones were with me all the way. Accomplishments never lead to satisfaction, they only make you want to hog more. This was a drop in my ocean of life. I feel enlightened at each step, I would always want to educate my inner self and everyone around me. What I picked wasn't just a trip out of a busy life or an occasional affair, it is a never ending journey for me. I was carrying my tent and bedding - sleeping bag and mattress. And I had some eatables like oats to cook at dhabas, well food never stopped coming my way. Thanks to everyone for being so considerate. And how can I not mention my bicycle with which come a few bike essentials. I did have extra tubes, a rain cover, my most favorite clothes (of course they were limited).The most important is always carrying a heart full of love to share and a smile to go miles.

Travelling for me is a never ending journey. "Raahi hu chalte jana hai " I don't travel to visit places. I travel to go deeper, meet as many souls I can. To feel more, learn, share and enlighten them with my aura. I love the uncertainty each day carries for me. No one knows what the other minute holds, it makes your decision making dynamic. I'd say my thoughts go wider. I did get hit by a movie few years back when I did my first solo trip. I was adapting ever since then. I used to start early morning around 5 till 10. I'd stop by under a tree or a little shed, rest and interact with locals till around 4. The hours in between use to be too harsh to ride as the sun would be at my head. There's no point not looking after your health after all. I'd ride 4 to 6:30 PM again. Earlier, I planned to Hitch-hike from Jaipur to Kanyakumari, but my childhood dreams had me buying a bicycle on my own to travel the world. I spent all my savings to make this dream come true. I got huge support from my friends and a cycling group in Jaipur ( Jaipur cycling comrades ). I borrowed some essentials from friends and off I was on this spiritual journey. Without their support & motivation, I wouldn't have made it to Kanyakumari. I didn't look for places as such, I went with the flow nothing was fixed.

I met with an accident in Nadiad, Gujarat. It was late evening; I wasn't on my bicycle though. Ups and downs are a part of life. All these experiences help you in growing and becoming stronger. I was seriously wounded and taken care by a family in Vadodara. I feel blessed to have such people around me. Even after being advised by a doctor to rest for a month, I couldn't resist after the 10th day. Few days after crossing Gujarat, I got bitten by some funny bug while my afternoon nap and rod with a numb arm. I hadn't set a budget but, I took a challenge to complete my first month in 2000 only. Believe me, I ended up having more than it. People helped me a lot on the way. They got thrilled and inspired by my travel stories. The next month I spent and ate a lot.

I shared what I ate with people too. Happiness is only real when shared so why settle in less when all you have is the entire universe. There is something I would want to pass on to travelers across the nation that is to tell you never to settle and give air to the adventures of life. Travel not just to visit places but to scan souls, absorb experiences, to win hearts, live moments and build memories.

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