The Himalayan bucket : Sarahan and around

We often visit 'Sarahan' in Himachal. Not so long ago was my first time; mesmerised with the beauty of everything green and pure, the whole town was covered with clouds above and I could see the holy peak of Shrikhand Mahadev lit with rays of the sun. As I was exploring around - shooting a time-lapse, a bunch of kids from the village encircled me wanting to pose and get clicked. In course of a day we grew a bond, they took me to their secret places, shared wild fruits, chitter chattered, played around till it was time to depart with a promise to meet the other day after school.

The first time I had been there I was clueless about getting buses, where I'd go and how things would be. Nor did I know a thing about the place except the famous "Bhimakali temple", where Dusshehra is celebrated grandly.

On my way to Sarahan people asked me the purpose to travel solo from so far the answer to which was entwined in the beauty and energy around me that kept me company all the while.

Now that I think of this trip I feel glad not to drop the plan to solely travel which I once doubted. Now the thought of seeing them is always a bubble in my thoughts.