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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

So one afternoon the kids take us to their fields uphill. There's casual teasing and chitchatting. It was understood they were curious to know things about life in cities and if we liked it there more than in Sarahan, what we'd do in our routine. On our way they plucked fruits from around if spotted and shared each of them. It was amazing how they knew so much about their surroundings, the little ones would run around and play in the wild all day like nature was their best friend... [ Excerpts from the Himalayan Bucket ]

The truth is more than anything, I am the people I met, experiences I shared, places I discovered; so much more and not just the appearance a mirror reflects. All of this happens with a pure heart and without expectations. It's about doing the things which make our inner self happy. Be it dancing or giving gifts / surprises or cooking or sitting by the window absorbing the last rays of the calmly setting sun, every string connects to the feeling of completeness. Nothing opens the heart other than happiness.

The fact being - life is about finding valuable things by chance.

Back in Khanash I met a young girl, Gungun, full of dreams, innocence and childlike grace. It felt like we shared a special bond. The view from her house uphill was magnetising, one afternoon we were left in each other's company while the boys took Sudhanshu on a trek in the forest to show him their secret places. Meanwhile we sat and painted our hearts out into my diary, had conversations doing silly things, I stepped into Gunnu's imaginative thought bubbles. It's mesmerising to remember past. Now that I'm in the time which was future then, my promise to visit her soon still sits by the porch of her house soaking the afternoon sun.

Let's take three deep breathes for Thukpa and momos are so delicious !

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