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Where nature paints - Hampi

They say Hampi is about temples and heritage sites, no doubt but, its so much more than that.

It is not concrete not purely forests or wild its a balance of life in nature and everything around us.

When I reached at the amazing Orange County Hotel at Hampi I wasn't sure If there would be any place I'd visit after seeing the endless list of temples online but, the bubble got pricked when we headed out for the first location of the shoot, the place had stunning views.

There were huge rocks and boulders balancing somehow on each other and rice paddies.

I found a trail uphill behind the rocks where we were shooting for the Dewarists music video. So I stole some time away from the shoot to take a few self portraits. At the other end was a wide open space to camp and enjoy the sunset.

Just after I descended the Hampi magic begin, the sun started to set turning the sky yellow then pink and then something trippy. It was as if the sky engulfed paint buckets. We took few shots of the beautiful sight and left for the hotel.

I was excited to go on the other location next day. Didn't know it would be the famous Virupaksha temple.

Hampi is an alluring place to visit, away from the chaos of city life and work pressure. It is extremely calm and peaceful especially the sunsets are the best in Hampi.

I would love to go there again and enjoy the wilderness in Hampi.

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