In the lap of Nature "Chitkul"

2 years back I went on a solo backpacking trip to Himachal and discovered this untouched beautiful place near Indo-Tibetian border - Chitkul. There I feel like a child resting is his mother's lap. Surrounded by lush green alpine forests I was overwhelmed to see snow caped mountains and Baspa river crossing through the village flowing to Sangla and then ahead.

The road to Chitkul from Karcham bridge is quite bad and bumpy but the view on the way is breath-taking. Only two HRCTC buses run from Karcham to Chitkul in a day. It usually takes 45 minutes to reach Chitkul from Sangla ( a small village and market place in between Chitkul & Karcham ).

There are lesser options of stay in Chitkul than Sangla, I satyed at Rani guest house owned by Negi ji. Its a basic room with a great view and cheap price. Also you could get a room in PWD rest house for Rs400/- if the odds stands in your side. So when I reached Chitkul this time I immediately made a plan to stay or survive the night camping outside near Baspa river. I gathered few essentials like rope sheet etc to build my shelter to survive through subzero temperatures. It was 1 am and my shelter was all wet because of condensation so left me with no other option other than surviving the night I covered my face and slept. Next morning I woke up and found ice on my bags and shelter which gave me crazy feeling to be in the wild.

Sometimes its not about the results, its about the process of hard work and determination to achieve something inside of you. I knew my limits but I wanted to go beyond it, it took me 1 hour to build the shelter but it was all worth it. Glad I took the chance of staying in the wild, not accepting the offer from PWD rest house for a nice warm stay.