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Interdependence - Striking a balance?

Sunrise at Kovlam beach

'You don't know what you have until It's gone'

Today we've got all we once wanted - in abundance, which is why most us take nature and small things for granted.

Being a photographer I get to travel a lot. It's funny when back in time I thought of people traveling for work to be the luckiest and their lives would be full of new adventures - sure is but, being in the same shoes now, I realise how it's not always what you see from your end. The constant in life turns into a routine, making the same exciting job boring; with time, the same comes crawling to travel as well. Traveling for work is not as liberating as it seems, most of the times I compromise sleep, giving my 200% on a full day and night shoot! I've been to some of the best and most soul calming luxurious hotels, across India and I can't even describe an experience from the stays because I never got the time to, the bottom line being - It's not my vacation.

There are projects when I find time for myself and I never miss to make the best out of it - "carpe diem"

Stunning Kovlam beach views

Reminds me of the ecstatic sunsets I experienced at Hampi while shooting for Dewarists. I walked down to a place and clicked a few pictures of the sunset.

These little windows refresh my inner-self to be able to strike the prefect balance in life.

Leela resort Kovlam beach

I shot a wedding at Kovalam, Trivandrum and our stay was in The Leela Hotel that rests on a cliff, offering panoramic views of the Kovalam shoreline which makes this beauty one of the best properties in town!

View from Leela hotel in Kovlam beach

I stole mind blowing views of the sea and I'm sure there would have been worthy places which I wasn't fortunate enough to explore. If you're planning to go on a vacation this beach town could be the best place to hit.

What bags the craziest scenes of all at the beautiful destination wedding by the beach, was the families dancing all through the night until the sun was up! It's exciting but at the same time tiring and a task of patience being behind the lens, making sure not a moment is left uncaptured!

In this wedding our team packed up post 5 AM. The minute the DJ stops even the silence sounds like music or maybe I could now hear my inner voices. Took me a while to feel normal.

Stepping out of the venue after the wedding night I was quite surprised to see it was morning already. All my fatigue took off and all I could think of was to the beach for the sunrise.

So while walking back to the room I instead decided to ditch the bed and enjoy the beautiful gift nature packed me, thinking a 3 hours sleep wouldn't help much - I borrowed some energy from the rising sun and it surely did it's magic.

Looks like Lovely can take a power nap right there ( actually waiting for a cab )

My spirits were high and I felt fortunate the second I got to see the amazing view of the beach from above.

The sun rose from being the coconut trees, lighting up the shore, it looked like god's on pathway to earth.

Travel photography by Sudhanshu in Kovlam beach

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Beautiful sunrise at Kovlam beach

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Being in that moment I started to feel the excitement building in the upcoming adventure in Coorg. Stay tuned for the next one.

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