Interdependence - Striking a balance?

Sunrise at Kovlam beach

'You don't know what you have until It's gone'

Today we've got all we once wanted - in abundance, which is why most us take nature and small things for granted.

Being a photographer I get to travel a lot. It's funny when back in time I thought of people traveling for work to be the luckiest and their lives would be full of new adventures - sure is but, being in the same shoes now, I realise how it's not always what you see from your end. The constant in life turns into a routine, making the same exciting job boring; with time, the same comes crawling to travel as well. Traveling for work is not as liberating as it seems, most of the times I compromise sleep, giving my 200% on a full day and night shoot! I've been to some of the best and most soul calming luxurious hotels, across India and I can't even describe an experience from the stays because I never got the time to, the bottom line being - It's not my vacation.

There are projects when I find time for myself and I never miss to make the best out of it - "carpe diem"

Stunning Kovlam beach views

Reminds me of the ecstatic sunsets I experienced at Hampi while shooting for Dewarists. I walked down to a place and clicked a few pictures of the sunset.

These little windows refresh my inner-self to be able to strike the prefect balance in life.