Bikepacking a new way to explore

Instead of getting wasted at a bar or hanging out in some cafe, carry a tent, stove and few essentials on your bike and head out to enjoy your weekends to have an absolutely different experience!

With the rage of bicycle touring in India, I feel it's right time we get acquainted by the bikepacking culture. Bikepacking is a medium to set on self supported mountain biking trips, exploring new trails and camping at countless new spots.

Keep in mind that there are minimal camping gears to avoid heavy loads.

Imagine how bikepacking can be a great way to explore country side, also the trails where people mostly hike.

When I'm bicycle touring I carry along several different gears and necessities to tackle various terrains but while bikepacking I'd carry limited essentials to enjoy trail riding, Instead of 4 panniers I carry a large sea tube bag. Lesser the rig weighs more it will be enjoyable to ride on trails. In India people are unaware of these activities and cycling is limited to either a way of commuting or cutting down body fat. I won't go in the depths as of now but as bicycle touring is making it's way in our culture, I'm sure bikepacking will be next! I've seen people going to places on their bikes in India but most of us lack proper survival gears and unlike bicycle touring you can't get away with traditional ways in bikepacking as your bike's more prone to damages by riding on rough trails. Of course by some DIY tricks you can easily make your own bags to mount your gears safely.We hope to see some good brands like Ortlieb, Apidura, Blackburndesign flow streams into the Indian market soon. To know more about Bikepacking check this amazing website out.