#Frienimoon? Andaman and Nicobar islands!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

On a hot afternoon in June, over a hangout, Priyanka and I listed out places we'd want to be at and picked out a winner to which we instantly booked tickets! [ A little history : We've been friends since we were kindergarteners with two ponies and sparkling eyes ] Swoon through the picture gallery with us as we take deep sighs in memories of our "frienimoon".

No matter how beautiful the travel destination you choose is, I strongly feel your travel companion plays an important role in making or breaking the trip. Hence having like minded people as travel companion(s) is equally essential as packing basic necessities in your rucksack.

Last week of July we hopped on a plane, flew down from Mumbai-Chennai finally reaching Port Blair after a 12 hour journey full of happy chills! At the airport rolled 3 other same decathlon bags as mine on the luggage belt. Figuring out which bag belonged to whom, we met an Italian couple Isamiranda and Luca who later were with us on the same ferry heading to Havelock.

Having said, we landed at Port Blair - let me tell you we only had a faint thought of heading to Havelock in the 2PM ferry. Our hopes staggered a little when we got to know that the Government ferry ticket office (called STARS - Ship Ticket Advance Reservation System) remains shut on Sundays so only passengers having tickets booked in advance could commute. Of course there are private services too but, 'budget'!

Port Blair to Havelock

Never reach Andaman on a Sunday if :

1. You freakout too soon.

2. and you haven't had your itinerary fixed! Because where's internet? Hello?!

We were to lose a day because of the ticket office being non-operational so we headed to lookout for a place to stay 1 night in Port Blair. On our way the taxi driver suggested we try our luck at the Phoenix Bay Jetty for current tickets; an hour of waiting and chit chatting with the Italian couple had the tickets in o