Rishikesh - a place within you

Stirred up as we reached to the day of completion of our product shoot, Sonali brought in the plan to head north to catch up with our friend Uday.

There's never a dull day with her along side, also I knew she would already have someplace in mind to break to once we were together. [ So what’s with her not being in town? Graduation! On the account of spending 4 years pursuing Fashion and Design, Sonali's to now seek out opportunities ]


The next day's evening had us boarding a train from Jaipur to Haridwar which was scheduled to make us reach at late AM. Although it poured heavily through out the journey we got spared once we got down at the station. The rain left stunning views for us to witness at Haridwar Railway Station. Now, to head further there are a number of ways amongst which we chose to hop on a local bus to Rishikesh Bus Stand. The last bit of commuting took us 15 minutes to finally reach Laxman Jhula where Uday came 'down the hill' to pick us on a scooter! The most thrilling 3 minutes happened even before we could truly experience any thing that Rishikesh had to offer; Sonali recoiled from uttering a word controlling her anxiety.

Meanwhile I was reminiscing the first visit to Rishikesh with my parents; that was one of the best trips we had together. We bath at the ghats of Ganga at Har ki pauri, Haridwar.