Bikepacking- an evolution of touring in India ?

With a fully loaded setup, I did my first bicycle tour. All I fairly had idea about were two panniers each at the front and rear rack and some bottle mounts that could be fixed here and there. Back then I dreamt of lighter options to replace the traditional pannier setup considering the ease while riding on roads with more of gravel than tarmac but 'hello pocket'.

With the evolution of Bikepacking bags I no more need to stick with the same bulky setup when I plan to tour the world. I've met human tendencies a number of times - ending up noticing, how even an inch of extra space never goes unused incase you have any no matter how light you wish to travel. So I believe having minimal space helps in just carrying necessities and the list of "things I might need" stays back at home. In India this genre of cycling is yet at it's baby steps as the availability of gears is still limited.

Bicycle touring in Goa, India