ABC wanderer saddle by Happy earth India

Updated: May 18, 2019

Finding the right saddle is never cake walk, it takes a lot of experimentation and patience of course. If you've landed yourself on a long tour with the wrong saddle, you're going to end up with an uncomfortable ride as that might not be the right shape or size for you.

I love bicycle touring and I have been exploring the world on my bicycle. When I am on the road, I spend 6-8 hours each day on the saddle and that makes it a lot more than just casual cycling and is done with a lot of intricate planning. Usually a saddle which is wider and can accommodate your sit bones is said to be a comfortable saddle, every individual would have a different width but don't you worry, there has to be a saddle that hits your sweet spot for sure! With that said let me hit the arrow right here - on a personal poll, I've come across most tourers using the Brooks saddle for its comfort and durability. As I was planning my Bike-packing tour to Ladakh in 2018, I got introduced to the ABC saddle as a cost-efficient alternative to Brooks and to be having the same quality. Hence I took the opportunity to use the ABC B-15 saddle which has a slip-proof texture and is made of leather (it comes with a tightening wrench).

As I received the saddle, my first thought at seeing it was "this is going to be hard as hell". I had next to little knowledge about choosing a saddle, over which I was unaware of the breaking period for this particular model. There I was on the road with this vulnerable seat trying to put my best foot forward; none of the tourers I interacted with would believe it to be of leather and questioned me how had I been pushing all the way on a seat that hard? Over the time, I got Haemorrhoids and reached to a situation when i could no more continue to ride with the pain. There is a chance that the saddle's hardness added friction as it had already made my butt sore and after a long ride to Khardung La from Leh I was in a miserable condition - I resented finding an alternative.