Cycling the Pangi valley

It's 2017 and I've been true to my will of setting on an adventure on my bicycle to the remotest villages, sharing happiness and building bonds. This time I'd take you through a visual treat of the legendary Sach Pass.

While working on a film project I had my mind subconsciously going around finding the perfect place for a bike-packing tour and disconnecting from the monotonous routine that had been feeding on me was getting more like a necessity. That's when a random chat to one of my traveller friends introduced me to Sach pass - I had never heard of it before and now I couldn't wait to head on to the world's most dangerous roads.

I had an image of myself riding off-roads with snow on both sides, having to cross a few deadly water streams but I could only have thought of less than half of what I conquered.

Sach pass is at a height of 4420m which connects Chamba to the secluded Pangi valley. The route sure is breathe-taking in all ways. The pass serves as a gateway to people of both the valleys to connect and is accessible from the end of June till October.

Hold on your horses as we begin the Journey to the unknown from Jaipur to Manali leading to Sach pass.

Day -1 Jaipur to Manali

Manali bus stand

Figuring out what goes where while packing for a trip is a pain. The ones who are well organised would surely have an upper hand in this, unlike me. Thanks to Chinmay for being a helping hand to pack my bike just in time before I left from Jaipur. I wanted to avoid re-shuffling once I reached Manali and start straight away for Sach pass on the next day; so to avoid extra fatigue and inconvenience of carrying my bicycle I chose to reach Manali by a Volvo. I always try to minimise the cost of my travel but this time I didn't even thi