Down the memory lane in Goa

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

"Memories are like blots of ink on paper, they carry beauty when overviewed."

- Sonali

I am taking you down the lane to our first time experiencing the highs and lows of our now home city - Goa. It was April, 3 years ago when I took a trip to see Sudhanshu around my Birthday. It was also a getaway from the days when I was worked up during my Graduation Project. I've got nothing much to say but I have these memorises that I look back at every time I sit and remember good old days.

We recently revisited Agonda to discover our favourite places were no more the same. Just 3 years could change so much. But what hasn't changed is, I still repeat the same swim wear and everyday clothing from this trip and many from past. In fact Sudhanshu and I love oversized clothing. Hence, the winner is that we both swap a lot of our clothing. The idea is to circulate most of our existing assets in every way possible.

If you would like I could talk more regarding our ways to coexist, share and buy less.

Until then scroll through a few of our Agonda memories.

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