The checklist to swear by for your cycling expedition to Leh and Spiti valley !

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Since you have all been constantly filling up my inbox asking for tips to pack for your upcoming adventures, well I thought let's bless you with a full-packed list of the most important things to carry along!

The road to heaven is not yet accessible but I already see plenty of people ready to leave for their cycle tours to northern India. Unfortunately this year's snowfall was way less than we expected which is the obvious reason to an early start to the season.

The culture of Bicycle touring has significantly made it's way into our country, I gladly witnessed the increasing number. Hopefully this would lead to avid brands with bike-packing and bike-touring related products to open streams in the Indian market soon.

If you're planning to tour Spiti valley or Leh this season and confused how to pack and have several questions in mind regarding what goes where! Don't worry we have got you covered!

[ you need to know that both bike-packing and bike-touring are two different terms. ]

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