Guide to find the right Bikepacking Bags for your adventure.

Finding the right type of bags for your style of riding is very important as they offer great space to carry your essential gear on your adventure.

Since Bikepacking is a slightly different activity than bicycle touring it involves riding through singletracks and technical terrains which becomes very difficult with Panniers and racks as in Bikepacking "freedom and minimalism" is the key to the right setup! Bikepacking bags are designed to keep the bike/luggage narrow as close to the bike so that it's easier to ride through narrow trails and only keep things which are necessary. If you are just starting out and previously own a bike touring setup then also you can do short bikepacking trips but for longer trips its better to opt for bikepacking bags!

What kind of bags are available for Bikepacking in India ?

Mainly Bikepacking bags are divided into 3 types : Seatpacks, Frame bags and Handlebar bags.I would suggest you to start with getting a Seat Pack which is ideal for storing things behind saddle.

Seat Pack