Top 5 touring bikes available in India for #Bikepacking

manali to Leh Bikepacking
Bikepacking in India

Demand for gravel bikes has been increasing as more people are adopting the new ways of exploring dirt roads.

In India every cyclist dreams of riding the famous Manali - Leh highway or Spiti Valley in the mountains on their bicycle. When I was planning my tour I had a hard time choosing a bike which is reliable and comfortable for rough terrain and conditions. If you’ve been to Ladakh and Spiti you will resonate to the fact that roads there are very dangerous, most sections being a mix of gravel and tar inclined to be very steep.

The fair bit is, that I’ve gone through the challenge of finding a suitable bike for months before I chose to go with Marin’s Pine Mountain 1 back in 2017, but, you can straight away pick your choice from the latest list of bikes that are just right for adventure biking!

Bikepacking Surajtaal to Chandrataal
Spiti cycling

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Bikepacking is an activity similar to bagpacking. The difference being the use of a bicycle as your means to commute and carry essentials. Now where do you go once your bike is ready? I always say "Take your bike where people hike".