Jumbo Burrito

Jumbo Burrito

*Current lead time for production is 3 weeks*
The Gender-neutral Jumbo Burrito is a versatile bag equipped to carry your essential gear on a day or night hike in multiple ways - as a Side Sling or Waist Pack. Not just that, mount it onto the handlebar of your bicycle when needed using the OSL Handlebar Strap Set and you are set to go for your everyday rides, quick grocery runs or a leisurely slow ride exploring the neighbourhood. It is completely handmade and has a minimalistic design.


If you are looking for a Travel-friendly Camera Bag for your next Bikepacking trip the OSL Jumbo Burrito hits the sweet spot with it’s multi-functionality! 


Material: Polyester

Dimension: L-10.5" x B-5.25" x H-8" (standing height when closed)

- Multi-functional design, can be used as a Waist pack, Side Sling bag and mounted on a bicycle handle bar (with additional OSL Handlebar Strap Set)

- Reflective tapes at sides.

- Roll-top closure for comfortably accommodating extra things when needed.

- Quick Access Pocket at hip belt sides

- Secure Key Hook inside

- Internal Sliding Pocket

- Secret Pocket inside (thank us later as you notice it)

- Adjustable strap


*Buy an extra OSL Camera Padding to use as a Camera Bag.