bare hands 


An initiative to prevent plastic waste go  into the sea which has been affecting Marine life. We are not an organisation or a group, we are humans who are sensitive towards our planet. 
We want to encourage others to join us for cleaning programs to retrieve what's being taken away. 


Why bother?

2019 started with our first "Bare Hands Drive" and we couldn't stop smiling. We humans are the biggest pollutants on this planet and it is causing unimaginable amount of harm. Our wildlife, marine life is being extinct because of our needs and choices. 

A recent report on climate change by CNN states "If Global Warming continues unchecked, Earth in 2030 could resemble its former self from 3 million years ago" which means we could pass the 1.5 degree Celsius marker as early as 2030. Earth's surface has warmed One degree Celsius - enough to lift oceans and unleash a crescendo of deadly storms, floods and droughts - and is on track towards an unliveable 3 degree C or 4 degree C rise.

We often talk about future but is this the future you want to give to your children?

How can you help?

Do things which make you happy, cleaning or giving back to Mother Nature is the best possible way!
Sonali says "Cleaning starts from home, if you're organised in your house then you will be the same outside. Teach your children about proper waste disposal, make them put it where it belongs."

Do the following things to contribute: 

> Cycle to places within 5km or more.

> Carry a cloth bag to get groceries.

> Reduce the use of Air-conditioners at home or in your cars.

> Get an electric bike to commute.

> Buy from local farmers or markets to encourage them.

> Recycle plastic waste at home.

> Reduce your consumption of meat, dairy.

> Use more of Organic Cotton (the production involves less water consumption)

> Don't kill animals for the pleasure of your taste buds which only lasts few minutes.
> Eat fruits and vegetables.

> Teach your children about climate change.

> All crackers are the same "avoid bursting crackers on festivals and events"

> Grow more plants.

Upcoming events

"Bare Hands Cleaning Drive" - CARANZALEM BEACH
Feb 10, 2019, 8:00 AM
Caranzalem Beach
Let's end cruelty on Marine Life!
Can you make it?

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