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Going wild. Two wheels. Just remoteness.

Does any of this interest your soul?

As I looked up to this sacred mountain of Zanskar, I took a moment to realise how far I have come with the bare minimum on a moving-home.

Even though the word Bikepacking gives the message of the act, there is more to completely justify its meaning in the truest form, so let me break it down for you by a phrase from my heart, "Take your bike where people hike"


Growing up with love for outdoors, exploring the unknown parts of the world has been on my mind for a long time now. Bikepacking is the perfect fill for my craving to reach remote areas on two wheels that also helps me decrease my CARBON FOOTPRINT! 
I know it sounds crazy, gruelling to drag your bike to a 5000mtrs pass when you can easily trek to the place with a backpack instead but only those who have tasted the heavenly gift would understand the worth.  
To me, Bikepacking is beyond just cycling to one place from another or reaching high altitude passes, I love setting up the tent, collecting woods, finding a water source for survival, it's all 
basic but all these activities are variables to city life when running errands in the wild.

All you need for your first/next cycling adventure is...

Bikepacking Rig

Camp k  chen



Ultralight gears

Dress well 

for the ride

Route & Navigation 

Journeys to follow

While you've been hanging around with my stories from the road, here are a few of my favourite fellow cyclists & their


Nathan North

Adventure cyclist

Instagram : @thenathannorth


Ryan Wilson

Photographer / Adventure cyclist

Instagram : @rmdub


Martijn Doolaard

Photographer / Cyclist

Instagram : @_espiritu.libre_

Pangi Valley

Bikepacking gear

New beginnings 

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